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Ticktime Cube: Your Smartest Time Manager Upgraded

Pomodoro Timer with just a flip to start the countdown

Stay Focus with Ticktime Cube

The timer that's of its time. TickTime Cube is the timer born in the 21st Century, for the 21st Century. Forget sandtimers and stopwatches. Their time is up.Fans of this ultra-efficient approach to time management invented back in the 1980s definitely need some TickTime Cube in their life. Dividing your day to separate 25 minute phases is easy with TickTime Cube. 25 minutes is one of the preset countdowns built-in to TickTime Cube.

 Enhance your productivity, making your every day more than 24 hours!

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Flip To Countdown & Timing

TickTime Cube has 4 default preset countdowns: 1/3/5/10 minutes.Just flip it with the time you want facing up, and the countdown will start automatically. Starts the countdown anywhere you need it with a flip.

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Custom Countdown

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One Tap To Increase

One of the biggest improvements Ticktime Cube has now, is we add the tap feature for you to increase 1 countdown time more conveniently. Every duration represented by each side of the cube could be increased in multiples.For example, when you put 5 minutes facing up, just tap once on the fingerprint icon on the cube, and the countdown will start with 10 minutes! With each tap, the duration of the countdown will be increased by 5 minutes, a maximum of 6 times, which means, you can have a 30-minute countdown top with the number 5 facing up. So if you put number 10 facing up, the duration will be increased by 10 each tap, 60 minutes maximum. 

Countdown anywhere

Working--On a tight timescale? Want to spend a specific amount of time on a certain job? Get TickTime Cube on your desk to help you with your time management.

Workouts--Set yourself targets during gym sessions. Beat your personal best. TickTime Cube records all your jogs, sprints, cycles, and rows so you can see the pace you're setting

Games--Use it for all kinds of games in which you've got a limited time to take your turn.

Cooking--How long has the pizza been in the oven? How much time do you need for a perfect souffle? TickTime Cube will tell you.

Ticktime 1.0, The Most Funded Timer in Crowdfunding history

But wait! Can’t I just set a timer on my phone or download a Pomodoro app?” Well, of course, young grasshopper. But its the immediacy and purpose-built nature of the TickTime that makes it so lovely. You won’t get distracted because you got a notification your crush did something on Facebook, or your friend just posted a picture of their cute dog on Instagram. "

I like Ticktime because it’s a stand alone device that doesn’t require you to pair it with your phone, download firmware updates, or sync with another device. It has been designed to only do two things. It either functions as a countdown timer, or a countup counter. That’s it and that’s all, but it does both tasks extremely well because the interface is super easy to use. "

" It’s dead-simple to use, efficient, and better than what’s out there. Buy it if you want the world's best Pomodoro Method timer for your remote office. "

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